Susanna Hickling


Art & Illustration

When I am in my studio, with paintbrush or pencil in hand, I am in my happy place. 

My preferred medium for commissions is watercolour, acrylic, pencil, or pencil and ink. I frequently venture into the digital world to create illustrations and graphics – most recently for Telegraph Time, but also for book illustrations.

Adventures as an Author

In the summer of 2019 I came up with a bunch of characters, which I have since woven into two completed adventure stories for children aged six to eleven:

  ‘Hoodie & Banks and the Protection Racket' and 'Hoodie & Banks and the Identity Crisis'.

The main characters are two robin friends, who embark on adventures with their fellow birds. Along the way, they address a particular issue most children will experience in life. 

Utilising my artistic skills, all characters are drawn in pen and black ink on paper, then coloured and enhanced digitally. The format works as a first reader, but also as a book that can be read to a child by a parent.

Both are now available on Apple Books 


Over the years I have acquired a fair number of design and management skills, both on the job and through further training. A more detailed list is available on my CV.

Last, but not least

I have worked on exciting projects for various charities, designing logos, presentation screens, magazines, promotional material and CDs. It has allowed me to explore new platforms and formats, adding event graphics to my skills set.